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Enjoy Tennis these Holidays at Aloha Surfers Paradise!

Posted in Accommodation @ Nov 24th 2015 3:01pm - By Administrator
Tennis Court Half Size

Have you been playing tennis as your way of getting fit? Well you’ve made the right choice! According to both scientists and doctors, playing tennis is one of the world’s healthiest activities that can benefit you physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Did you know that playing tennis is a lot like going to the gym for your workouts? It burns your calories, builds and develops your muscles, fortifies your bones, and aid in your flexibility and coordination.

But unlike visiting the gymnasium on a regular basis, tennis has way more advantages if you chose it as a way to exercise. In playing tennis, it isn’t all about the body movements because you have to use your mind as well. You have to be both alert while get your tactical thinking going to hit the ball the right way and will thus, make you win against your competitor.

Then with a game that enables you to engage with your competitor, you get to improve your emotional health because of the interaction, fun, and communication you do while also enhancing your sportsmanship and work ethic. And because tennis playing doesn’t require any age, gender, and fitness ability, you can invite anybody to play with you as long as they’re interested in the sport and the benefits as well.  

And since you’ll be visiting the Gold Coast soon, you don’t have to set the sport aside. Instead, you can simply book your stay at Aloha Apartments and you’re already all set to continue your aim in keeping yourself fit.

Located in Surfers Paradise, our Gold Coast beach apartments have a half sized tennis court right inside our vicinity. If you don’t have your racket and ball with you, you can approach our reception area, rent the materials, and you’re good to go.

Aside from our tennis court, we also have an outdoor swimming pool, kids’ wading pool, spa, sauna, barbecue area, table tennis area, basketball hoop, children’s play area, and car parking.

Our accommodation has the following selections: One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Budget Apartments, and One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Standard Apartments.

Book our Surfers Paradise family accommodation today at http://alohasurfers.etourism.net.au/.