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Sun-Kissed at Aloha Apartments Surfers Paradise

Posted in Accommodation @ Dec 12th 2015 4:00pm - By Administrator
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Get those no-filter selfies ready to be posted on Facebook or Instagram on your next visit to the beach. Have your friends envying your perfect sun-kissed complexion! Well, the summer sun is is telling you it’s time to indulge in your yearly self-tanning session once again! But just when you think you’ve been doing right by yourself this whole time, think again. You might be missing out on some simple reminders that may in the long term be bad for your health.
Below are some great tips to remember:

Exfoliate your skin by gently scrubbing it with a sponge or loofah. Also remove unneccessary hair. If you clear the surface of your skin, you can be guaranteed of a more even, and longer lasting  tan.

Say no to skin cancer. Say yes to sunscreen. Aussie actor Hugh Jackman himself admits that, growing up, he used to be out in the sun without wearing sunscreen. He’s recently been treated for skin cancer. Avoid running the risk of getting skin cancer. There are lots of SPF available in today’s sunscreen products. Don’t forget to slather on your favourite sunscreen lotion and conditioners onto your skin and hair.

Wear protective gear and avoid makeup. Carry your travel umbrellas, wear hats and body coverups to protect you from the sun. Also, keep away from items such as makeup, deodorants and perfumes that may have adverse effects on your skin when exposed to the sun.

Tan moderately. The UV rays usually peak from 10AM onwards. Overexposing your skin to sunlight may cause terrible sunburns and rashes. Soak up the sun for at most 20 minutes every day until your desired complexion is achieved.

Drink lots of H20. Don’t forget to you have your bottle of water ready as you go out. Ideally, eight to ten glasses of water is a substantial amount. Drink more if you’re working up a sweat.

Pamper your skin, don’t damage it. We hope these simple tips will help you achieve an awesome summer getaway! If you’re planning your Surfers Paradise vacation, you might as well maximise your stay. Have easy access to other local attractions and tourist destinations by booking your beach accommodation Gold Coast at Aloha Apartments, where you can be a heartbeat away from everything Surfers Paradise, and at the same time have lots of lazing around you-time with our amenities.

Go ahead and plan your stay this summer by visiting http://alohasurfers.etourism.net.au/ today.